A criminal record is also known as a criminal conviction history.

What your criminal record covers

Your criminal record covers criminal and traffic convictions.

It does not include:

  • infringements, such as parking tickets
  • charges that haven’t gone to court yet
  • any charges where you weren’t convicted
  • times you’ve gone to court and were found not guilty
  • military (Court Martial) convictions
  • overseas convictions
  • Police diversions
  • charges in the Youth Court
  • demerit points and driver licence suspensions. You can get a report on these from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

New Zealand Transport Agency website(external link)

If you’re eligible for a clean slate, your criminal record will be concealed under the Clean Slate scheme.

Find out more about the Clean Slate scheme and concealing convictions

Who can see my criminal record?

In most cases, no-one can see your record unless you give your signed permission.

Wrong information on your criminal record

If you think your record is wrong, write to the Ministry of Justice to ask us to look into it. You must tell us why you think it’s wrong and what should be fixed.

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