What is a Cost Contribution Order?

Judges are required to consider whether parties should contribute to the cost of services incurred by the court for most applications under the Care of Children Act 2004, the Child Support Act 1991 and the Family Proceedings Act 1980. Cost of services includes the costs of a lawyer appointed to assist the court or to represent the interests or wishes of children, or reports from specialists (such as a psychologist).

They are also required to make an order for contribution towards costs against each applicant and respondent to the case, unless there is a reason not to.

The government will always cover at least one third of the costs of these services. The remaining two thirds can be ordered against parties to the case.

Is a Cost Contribution Order classed as legal aid debt?

No, a Cost Contribution Order is not a legal aid debt or related to legal aid.

Where do I pay my Cost Contribution Order?

You can pay your cost contribution debt by:

  • automatic payment
  • bill payment via internet banking
  • payment at court.

Contact Family Court Debt on 0800 600 090 to discuss payment of your Cost Contribution Order, or to get an automatic payment form or account details for paying your order in full.

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