At sentencing, a judge can order an offender to pay someone money if they have suffered emotional harm, or had property lost or damaged as a result of a crime.

The judge decides how much reparation to order. They will consider how much damage, loss or cost the person has suffered because of the offending, as well as the offender’s ability to pay.

  • Receive your reparation

    The court collects reparation and sends these payments to victims of crime by direct credit, whether you live in New Zealand or overseas.

  • Reparation information for victims

    Information about the reparation process from when the judge orders it to when you get payments. You can learn what may be causing small payments and what you can do if you are unhappy with your reparation.

  • Paying reparation

    Information for people who owe reparation about making reparation payments, consequences for failing to pay, and appealing reparation.

  • Reparation check

    To find out if you are owed reparation, you can call us on 0800 909 909 or complete the online form.

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There are a range of other government and community services available for people affected by crime.

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