Contact Legal Aid Debt on 0800 600 090 to discuss the best way to pay your legal aid debt and set up a suitable payment arrangement.

If you are required to make regular payments, you may have to start them straight away. Legal Aid Debt can send you an automatic payment form to get these payments started.

Ways of paying your legal aid debt

You can make repayments in different ways, including:

  • Call 0800 600 090 and pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and Prezzy Card. There are no additional transaction fees for the payment. The information we will need from you when paying using credit card is:
    • your name and account number
    • name of the person on the credit card
    • the credit card number
    • the expiry date
    • the card verification number
    • the amount you'd like to pay
  • automatic payments made weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • as a lump sum, either out of your savings or when you sell your house or other property
  • payment from any money or property that you keep or get from your court case (civil and family cases)
  • a deduction notice (money gets repaid automatically from your employer, out of your benefit, or straight from your bank account).

Find out how to:

Interest charges on legal aid debts

Interest will start to be charged on your debt six months after your case has been finalised. If you pay off the debt within six months, interest will not apply.

For more information on legal aid repayments: Do I need to repay my legal aid?

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