We collect payment for both infringement fines and court fines.

Infringement fees from Police (like speeding tickets) or local councils (like parking tickets) become fines if you don’t pay them on time. You can pay fines online.

Pay a fine online with a credit, debit, or prezzy card

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Infringement fines come from issuing authorities

Local councils, the Police and other authorities can issue you infringement fees for things like:

  • speeding
  • illegal parking
  • not registering your dog.

If you don't pay the infringement fee by the due date, it’s transferred to the court and becomes a fine.

If this happens you will be sent a Notice of Fine, a court cost of $30 will be added to the original amount, and you have 28 days to pay the new fine amount to the court.

If you pay your fine with the issuing authority after the due date, the court costs of $30 will still apply.

Court-imposed fines are given by a judge or JP in court

A Judge or Justice of the Peace (JP) can fine you in court if you’re found guilty of an offence like drink-driving, disorderly behaviour or theft.

If this happens you will be sent a Notice of Fine and you have 28 days to pay the fine to the court.

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