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  1. [2020] NZREADT 18 - Hilliam [PDF, 177 KB]

    Charges laid under s 91 of the Act. Defendant found guilty of misconduct on charge 1 and guilty of unsatisfactory conduct on charge 2. Defendant censured, fined $4,000 and licence suspended for 6 months. Defendant also ordered to provide a written apology to the complainants as well as $5,000 to each of the complainants. Defendant ordered to undertake further education.Decision issued on 20 April 2020 then recalled and reissued on 16 June 2020. See ruling [2020] NZREADT 25. 

  2. [2020] NZREADT 05 - Eade - Ruling (21 February 2020) [PDF, 234 KB]

    Appeal under section 111 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. Application by appellants to submit further evidence in support of their appeal and to cross-examine witnesses on their statements to the Real Estate Agents Authority. Applications opposed by both respondents. Leave is not required to submit exhibits A & H as these are provisions of the Act or Rules, or material that was provided to the Committee. Exhibit B and E are allowed, exhibits C, F & G are declined. Leave is given for the second respondents to be cross-examined on their statements. Leave is declined for cross-examination of members of the Committee and two others.

  3. [2020] NZREADT 04 - Singh - Ruling regarding release of file (20 February 2020) [PDF, 166 KB]

    Application for disclosure of its file relating to a disciplinary proceedings under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. Request from an attourney practising in the USA, for release of Tribunal file to assist with another matter in the San Francisco Superior Court. There is no provision in the Act, or any rules or regulations made under the Act, providing for access to the Tribunals documents. The Tribunal is not listed as being subject to the Official Information Act 1982 and is expressly excluded from the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993. If the Tribunal followed the approach of the courts' access rules, the application would be declined. Application declined.