Apply for a Restraining Order

It’s free to apply for a Restraining Order.

Get help to fill in the forms

If you need help to fill in the forms you can:

Find out more about affidavits and statutory declarations

Fill in the forms

  1. Fill in 1 of these forms.
    To apply for a Restraining Order fill in this form:
    Application for Restraining Order – form 92 [DOCX, 53 KB]
    If you already have a Restraining Order and you want the court to make it last longer (or you want to change or end it), fill in this form:
    Application for variation or discharge of Restraining Order – form 93 [DOCX, 54 KB]
  2. You should also fill in these 2 forms:
    Affidavit [DOCX, 56 KB]
    Harassment Act Notice of Proceeding – form 94 [DOCX, 54 KB]
  3. If you want to keep your address private, you should also fill in this form:
    Notice of residential address and request for confidentiality – form 95 [DOCX, 37 KB]
  4. File your application.
    Find out more about how to file documents

What happens next

The court will give the application to the other person, who has a chance to respond. Then you’ll need to go to a hearing at the court, where a judge will decide whether or not to make the Restraining Order. The court will tell you when you need to be there.

If the person wants to ask the court not to make the Restraining Order, they‘ll also be at the hearing.

Find out more about the court hearing for a Restraining Order

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