Security at court

If you’re worried about your safety while you’re at court, you should tell court staff or security staff – they’re there to help. Court staff will be wearing name badges and security staff will be easy to identify in their uniforms. In many courts, you’ll find court staff at the public counter.

At most courts, everyone goes through a security check like the one you get at an airport. This is so the court is safe and secure.

In all courts people won’t be allowed in if they’re wearing gang symbols, hats or sunglasses.

People aren’t allowed to bring in anything that could be used as a weapon. This includes any items similar to the following:

  • small pocket knives including key ring size
  • pen knives
  • ceremonial daggers or swords
  • scissors
  • knitting needles
  • steel forks to eat your lunch with (including if you’re a juror)
  • alcohol or illegal drugs (prescription or auto-injectors are fine)
  • other items at the discretion of court security.

All of these items could be confiscated and given to the police for destruction.