Ask for a review of an Order

You can ask the Family Court to review:

  • Personal Orders
  • Orders appointing a property manager
  • Orders for administering property
  • Orders appointing a welfare guardian.

What can be reviewed

At a review the court can:

  • change or refuse to change an Order
  • end or refuse to end an Order
  • extend the period of a Personal Order or Order appointing a Welfare Guardian (the court must also set a date for the next review being 5 years or a lesser period if the court thinks appropriate from the date of the new order)
  • extend an Order to Appoint a Property Manager (the court must set another date for review that is not later than 3 years after the date of the new order).

When the court makes the Order, it will say who is responsible for making an application for a review and when a review application must be made.

As part of the review the court will look at whether the person the Order has been made for can:

  • understand the nature of decisions about their own personal care and welfare, and manage their property
  • understand what could happen as a result of such decisions
  • say what they want about such decisions.

The court can also look at whether the person who has been appointed as a welfare guardian or property manager is still the best person to carry out this role.

Who can ask for a review

An application to review an Order can be made at any time by:

  • the person who the Order is for
  • the welfare guardian or property manager.

You should file your application at the court closest to where the person who the Order is for lives.

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Review forms

To apply for a review, you fill out the same forms you used to apply for the original Order.

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