Fines information for employers

When you receive an attachment order, follow the instructions on the order. You must start making deductions from the employee’s income as soon as you get it.

Find out how you can make payments

Send us a payment schedule if you make bulk payments

If you are making deductions for several employees, and you want to pay in bulk, it is very important that you send us a payment schedule because we use it to allocate the money correctly. If you do not send a payment schedule, the money may not go towards the employees’ fines.

It must be in an excel format. If you cannot use excel formats, please make payments individually.

Download our payment schedule template for employers [XLSX, 13 KB]

For each employee the schedule should say:

  • their full name
  • their PPN number
  • the amount deducted from their income.

Make sure you list fines deductions and civil deductions separately.

The best way to send us a payment schedule is by email. If you have any questions about the schedule, email

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