Call us on:

  • 0800 4 FINES (0800 434 637, free from NZ mobile)
  • From overseas: +64 4 915 8586
  • From Australia: 1800 144 239 (toll free)
  • For Civil Enforcement enquiries: 0800 233 222

If you are leaving New Zealand and think you have overdue fines that may stop you from travelling, you can phone us and pay by credit card on:

  • 0800 PAYORSTAY (0800 729 677)

For legal aid debt or Cost Contribution Order enquiries:

Send your question or complaint online

We will respond to you by email within 5 working days.

Write to the Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice
Central Registry

Write the address as written above and send it the same way as any other mail. You can use an NZ Post mail box. If you use a DX mail box your mail will get to us faster(external link)

Visit your nearest District Court

All district courts have staff who can help with queries and are available to take fines payments.

Find your nearest District Court and opening hours

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