First case management conference

A first case management conference will be held once the Tribunal accepts your claim and assigns it a Tribunal member and a case manager.

The first case management conference:

  • identifies what’s agreed and what’s in dispute
  • decides on next steps and sets a timetable for these
  • identifies if any further documents are needed
  • decides if any other people, such as builders or engineers, need to be involved.

Who must attend the first case management conference?

  • Both you and your insurer must attend the conference in person
  • Representatives, advocates and/or support people may come along as well.

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At the end of the conference, the Tribunal consults with you and your insurer and then decides whether your claim goes to:

If the claim takes the hearings pathway, the Tribunal will ask your permission to visit the home that’s the subject of the claim.

When is the first case management conference held?

Your case manager will contact you and set a date for this conference. Your insurer needs sufficient time to provide their response to your claim.

Where is the first case management conference held?

The conference is held at the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, 20 Lichfield Street, Christchurch.

Additional case management conferences

The Tribunal can call as many case management conferences as it decides is necessary to work through your claim. You’ll need to attend some of these in person, while others may be held over the phone.