Innovation & technology

Building Information Modelling

The precinct design and build is utilising Building Information Modelling. This innovation provides a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the precinct.

The precinct buildings are presented as a 3D model that has multiple layers of information, such as the structural design, services (water, power, air-conditioning), fire engineering, etc. This 3D model allows someone to walk through any room in the precinct, examining the detail right down to where each socket is located.

Another benefit of the model is the consolidated information allows the production of detailed and accurate drawings for all areas and identifies any potential clashes before we begin building that area on site.

Utilising the aquifer

Utilising the underground aquifer for heating and cooling is another innovation in the precinct design.

The underground water layer, known as the aquifer, is a reasonably consistent temperature year round. In the summer it is cooler than air temperature and in the winter it is warmer than air temperature.

The precinct system allows the groundwater to be extracted (using water wells) and pumped through heat exchangers. This allows the gaining of heat from – or the loss of heat to – the ground.

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