Where to file documents

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Usually you will need to file your application in the registry (court) closest to the defendant’s home or place of business. If there is more than one defendant, you will need to file in the registry closest to the primary defendant. To make sure you file your documents in the correct place, refer to rule 5.1 of the High Court Rules(external link)

All subsequent applications must be filed at the same place.

See a list of the High Court registries in New Zealand

If you are filing an appeal, you should file it in one of the following places:

  • in the High Court registry closest to where the hearing of the matter being appealed took place, or
  • if there was no hearing, in the High Court registry closest to where the decision you are appealing was given, or
  • in any High Court registry that the parties (you and any other appellants or respondents) agree to (if you all agree that an appeal should be filed in a registry other than the one designated above, a memorandum recording your agreement should be filed along with the notice of appeal).

Note: some Acts state where documents must be filed. You should check the Act you are appealing under.

If you are a defendant or a respondent (that is, you are defending a claim) you should file all your documents in the High Court registry where the plaintiff started the proceeding.

However, if you believe that the proceeding was filed in the wrong registry or that the registry of another court would be more appropriate you can apply to have the proceedings transferred to another registry.

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