Pay a fine from overseas

There are several ways you can pay a fine from overseas.

Paying over the phone from outside New Zealand

You can pay with a credit card by calling one of these numbers:

  • From Australia:1800 144 239 (toll free)
  • From a country other than Australia: +64 4 915 8568

Paying through a money transfer company

Some companies offer payment services for free or at low cost. This is an electronic transfer of funds. You will need to register as a customer with the company before you can make payments.

OrbitRemit offers free online money transfer for paying court fines from Australia, the UK and other countries. They can also help with regular payments or direct debits.

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Learn more about OrbitRemit(external link)

Please contact us if you want to set up a regular payment with a money transfer company. If you do not let us know, you may be stopped when you come to New Zealand or risk other enforcement action.

Online banking services

You can use online banking services, but we recommend you check to see if there are any fees or costs involved before you make the payment.

Learn more about paying with online banking

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