Receive your reparation

The court collects reparation and we send these payments to you by direct credit, whether you live in New Zealand or overseas. It’s important to keep in contact with us until we have collected all of the reparation.

Keep your address and bank account details up to date by calling us on 0800 909 909 or send us a message using our email form.

Send us a message online

Find out if you are owed reparation

To find out if you are owed reparation, or update your bank account details, you can call us on 0800 909 909 or complete the online form:

Reparation check form

Get payments by direct credit

Direct credit is the fastest way to receive reparation payments. The money will be disbursed directly into your nominated bank account at set intervals, as we receive it.

To set up direct credit, call 0800 909 909 and give us your bank account details.

Get payments if you live overseas

There are a number of other payment options available if you live overseas. To set the right payment method for you, fill in the overseas payment request form. Email or post it to the address on the form.

Overseas payment request form [PDF, 874 KB]

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