Make a lump sum payment to legal aid

If you are required to, or wish to, make a lump sum payment to legal aid, you can do this via:

  • Call 0800 600 090 and pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Visa Debt, MasterCard and Prezzy Card. There are no additional transaction fees for the payment. The information we will need from you when paying using credit card is:
    • your name and account number
    • the name of the person on the credit card
    • the credit card number
    • the expiry date
    • the card verification number
    • the amount you'd like to pay.
  • internet banking

Internet banking

These are the details you need to make an online payment to Legal Aid Debt:

Payee name Ministry of Justice - Legal Aid same for every bank
Particulars Your legal aid number For example, 06W123456 or 16345678
Code Your name and initials For example, Doe J D
Reference  Stays blank  

Find a payee

To find a payee in internet banking:

  1. log in to your bank
  2. go to 'Pay a bill' or something similar
  3. search for the payee by entering 'justice' – this will bring up a list
  4. select payee: Ministry of Justice – Legal Aid

Note: You can save Legal Aid Debt as a payee, make a one-off payment and set up an arrangement this way. You can use the same function if they have an automatic payment form from Legal Aid Debt.

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