Set up automatic payments to repay my legal aid

You can make regular payments towards your legal aid debt by:

  • setting up an automatic payment from your bank account
  • agreeing to payments coming directly from your wages or benefit.

Pay by automatic payment from your bank account

If you have discussed a suitable payment plan with Legal Aid Debt, they will send you an automatic payment form. This form includes all the details you need.

Take this form to your bank to set up your regular payments.

If you want to set up the automatic payments yourself, or by internet banking, use the payment details on:

Pay directly from your wages or benefit

If you want your legal aid repayments to come directly from your income or benefit, contact Legal Aid Debt on 0800 600 090.

They can send you a deduction notice form with all the payment details included. You can take this form to your employer or Work and Income to set up your payments.

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