Payment FAQs

The Ministry will no longer accept or send payments by cheque after 31 May 2021. Please refer to our FAQs below for more information on this change.

Can I still make a cheque payment on 31 May 2021?

We can accept most payments by cheque on 31 May*. However, please note there are longer processing times for cheque payments and this could mean your payment does not reach us in time. This could cause a delay in processing your request/application.

If you're an ANZ bank customer, your payment probably won't reach us if you pay by cheque on 31 May. This is because ANZ won't process cheque payments after their cut-off time on 31 May.

*Due to processing times, we can't accept cheques presented at the court for payment of fines on 31 May 2021.
When will all banks stop accepting cheques?

Most New Zealand banks have decided to stop accepting cheques by mid-2021, but the dates vary between banks. See the table below for close-off dates for the main banks.


Stopped accepting cheques 28 February 2020

Co-operative Bank


Will stop accepting cheque deposits into Co-operative Bank accounts from 20 May 2021 (will stop honouring cheque payments issued from Co-operative Bank accounts from 30 June 2021)


Will stop accepting cheques 31 May 2021


Will stop accepting cheques 25 June 2021


Will stop accepting cheques 25 June 2021


Will stop accepting cheques 30 June 2021


 Will stop accepting cheques 27 August 2021

What other payment options will be available?

All transactions made by cheque have other payment options available. These include EFTPOS, cash at the counter, credit/debit card, and other online payment options (such as File and Pay(external link)). For more information on payment options, see the page Ways to make or receive a payment

What is File and Pay?

File and Pay(external link) is an online alternative to filing documents and/or paying the fee in person or at the courthouse.

Option to 'File and Pay'  Option to 'pay only'

For some jurisdictions you can upload your documentation electronically and make your filing fee payment online at the same time.
Courts that can currently accept electronic document filings are:
- Supreme Court
- Court of Appeal
- High Court

For all jurisdictions you can pay the fee online.

The paper application must be posted or delivered to the court. You must attach the receipt from your ‘File and Pay’ online payment. 

The court can't accept your application for filing until it receives the physical copy.

File and Pay will be available for multiple filings and/or payments under one transaction by July 2021.

I currently receive my reparation payment via cheque, what now?

We understand that you may have received payment by cheque until now. We ask that you provide us with your bank account details to arrange payment by direct credit. These details will only be used in relation to your reparation payment.

A direct credit payment is the fastest way to receive your payment.  Contact the team on 0800 909 909 or send us a message.

For other services available, visit: link)

What happens if I have a cheque from the Ministry that I want to cash after 31 May 2021?

If you have an unpresented cheque from the Ministry of Justice, you'll need to deposit your cheque before 25 June 2021 as Westpac (the Ministry’s bank) will no longer process cheques after this date. You'll also need to confirm with your bank whether they can still accept cheque deposits.

Contact us for advice on how to be paid by direct credit (contact information listed below).

Useful contact information

For court related matters please call 0800 COURTS (0800 268 787)
For fines please call 0800 FINES (0800 434 637)
If you need more information on the changes related to cheque payments, please email the team directly: