Apply for family or civil legal aid

Your first step is to find a legal aid lawyer you want to advise and represent you.

Your lawyer will help you to apply for legal aid. They will have a copy of the legal aid application form.

You can also get a form from:

a Community Law Centre(external link)

a Citizens Advice Bureau(external link)

Find a legal aid lawyer(external link)

Family legal aid application form

Civil legal aid application form

What information do you need to apply for family or civil legal aid?

When you go to see your lawyer, you’ll need to take details of your income, assets, and other information you’ll need for your application form. This includes:

  • the address and phone number where you can be contacted at home and/or at work
  • your date of birth
  • your before-tax income (including wages, and any benefit and ACC payments, and all income)
  • any savings you have
  • the value of any major assets you own (such as a house or car)
  • any money you owe (such as hire purchase or other debts)
  • how many dependants you have

You should also take any letters or documents to do with your case.

You’ll need to tell your lawyer:

  • whether you have a partner - if so, their finances will also be recorded in the application for legal aid
  • if anything changes in your work, family or financial situation.

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