Get a family or civil legal aid lawyer

Before you apply for legal aid, find the lawyer you want to advise and represent you.

Some lawyers will answer questions about legal aid for free but you should always check this with them first. Always check that the lawyer you talk to does legal aid work and can be at court when you need them.

Find a lawyer

If you don’t know a family or civil lawyer already you can:

Before you choose a lawyer

Your lawyer is the person who will represent you and give you legal advice. You may be spending a lot of time with them. Before choosing your lawyer, these are some tips to help you and your lawyer have a good working relationship:

  • ask the lawyer what sort of work they do and how they have managed cases similar to your one
  • ask the lawyer if they will be doing the majority of the work or whether you will be dealing with other employees – it is important that you know who you will be dealing with
  • check that the lawyer has somewhere safe to meet and talk with you – meeting rooms should be private so you can talk freely
  • check that you understand what the lawyer will and will not do for you (for example, how often they are likely to contact you, and how they will keep you informed about your case).

Help with applying for legal aid

Your lawyer will help you to apply for legal aid.

Find out more about applying for family or civil legal aid

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