Serving documents

Almost every document you file in the High Court needs to be served or given to the other party in the proceeding.

Generally, it is the prosecutor’s responsibility to serve their documents on you, and it is your responsibility to serve your documents on the prosecutor. A Registrar is responsible for serving any notice of appeal or notice of application for leave to appeal.

You can serve documents by:

  • giving it to the other party (prosecutor);
  • posting it to their address for service or by leaving it at that address between 9am and 5pm;
  • any other method that the court may tell you.

Documents that are not required to be served include:

  • a notice of plea (if required); or
  • an application for a witness summons.

To facilitate service of documents throughout your case, you will be required to notify the prosecutor of your address for service as soon as possible after your criminal proceeding has commenced. Your address for service should be:

  • a postal address, if you have one; or
  • your email address, if you have one and will be able to check it to receive documents throughout your case.

It is important that all contact details are kept up to date and communicated to the court accordingly.