The hearing is a judicial proceeding that is open to the public and is run by the Weathertight Homes Tribunal member. The purpose of the hearing is to clarify and test the evidence, which will have been filed with the Weathertight Homes Tribunal before the hearing.

Read our:

Guidelines for hearing preparation and hearings [PDF, 67 KB]

Guidelines for self represented claimants on documents required for hearing [PDF, 78 KB]

Guidelines for self represented respondents on documents required for hearing [PDF, 75 KB]

Where is the hearing held?

The hearing will be held at a court or suitable location in the city closest to the leaky home unless all parties agree on another venue.

Read a glossary of the common terms used in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal [PDF, 685 KB]

Site visits

The Weathertight Homes Tribunal member may decide to view the claimant's home to clarify the disputed issues or to better understand the evidence. If so, all parties will be given notice of the site visit and are entitled to attend.


Witnesses must be available to attend the hearing. All parties will be given an opportunity to question witnesses; however, the tribunal member can stop questions that are unnecessary.

Witness summons form [PDF, 94 KB]


If any parties or their witnesses need an interpreter the Weathertight Homes Tribunal will arrange one.


The assigned member of the Weathertight Homes Tribunal will give a written decision, including reasons, as soon as practical after the hearing. The Weathertight Homes Tribunal will send a copy of the decision to each party on the day it is made. It will also be published on the website:

Weathertight Homes Tribunal decisions