About the tribunal

The Weathertight Homes Tribunal was established in 2007 under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services (2006) Act. The government recognised the difficulties with resolving leaky home claims and set up the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, giving it powers to resolve disputes faster.

What we do

The Weathertight Homes Tribunal provides independent adjudication services where all parties are treated impartially. The chair and members of the Weathertight Homes Tribunal (also called judicial officers) act as adjudicators of leaky home disputes and are supported by Ministry of Justice staff who provide registration, case management and other administrative services.

Relevant legislation

The Weathertight Homes Resolutions Services Act (2006) Act establishes:

  • the eligibility criteria in order to bring a claim
  • the process for lodging a claim to determine eligibility
  • the procedure for applying to the Weathertight Homes Tribunal
  • the processes and procedures to be followed by the Weathertight Homes Tribunal in adjudicating claims.

Weathertight Homes Resolution Services (2006) Act(external link) 

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