Preliminary conference

A preliminary conference will:

  • determine the issues in dispute
  • ensure that the parties understand what they are required to do, so that the matter can proceed in a timely manner
  • obtain further information on the people involved in the construction of the dwelling and the nature of their involvement
  • identify the documents that need to be produced
  • set a timetable for the further steps in the adjudication of the claim.

Who must attend the conference?                             

All parties in a claim are required to attend the preliminary conference. Legal or lay representatives may accompany the parties but each party must appear in person (or by telephone where it is a telephone conference).

When is the preliminary conference held?

The preliminary conference usually happens between 15 and 25 working days after a claim is filed. The purpose of the conference is to ensure all parties are well prepared for the process.

Where is the conference held?

If the home owner’s property is located within the greater Auckland region, the conference is likely to be at the Weathertight Homes Tribunal’s hearing rooms in Auckland.

Read a glossary of the common terms used in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal [PDF, 685 KB]

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