Family mediation & parenting course providers

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) providers are mediators who help families settle disputes about the care of their children through mediation. Providers deliver services either privately or through supplier organisations which are contracted by the Ministry of Justice. 

Family Dispute Resolution operating guidelines [PDF, 743 KB]

If you want to be an FDR provider

To be an FDR mediator, you’ll need a relevant tertiary qualification and specific training and accreditation.

Find out more by contacting 1 of the 3 approved dispute resolution organisations (ADROs) listed below. They will check that you have the right qualifications and may provide training.

Parenting Through Separation

Parenting Through Separation (PTS) courses are funded by the Ministry of Justice to give separating or separated parents information and support to make good decisions about the care of their children.

The Ministry has contracts with a number of community organisations to deliver the courses regularly throughout New Zealand. Parenting course leaders (PTS facilitators) work through these organisations.

Parenting Through Separation operating guidelines [PDF, 286 KB]

If you want to be a PTS facilitator

To be a PTS facilitator you’ll need a relevant tertiary qualification and appropriate experience. Find out more by applying to a provider organisation in your area.

Find a PTS provider

Resources for mediators and PTS facilitators

See a diagram of how disputes about the care of children are resolved [PDF, 539 KB]

Online resources

You can use our family section to help explain the process and the services available to people who need to settle arrangements for the care of their children. There are also videos that explain what to expect. You can also watch the videos on our YouTube channel(external link)

Printed resources

You can order printed material and videos through our online ordering system WebWarehouse(external link)

Find out how to order through WebWarehouse

Funding eligibility

To see whether people qualify for funded services, check on our funding eligibility page

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