Public register of licence & certificate holders

You can use the public registers to check applications and to get details about a person or company’s licence or certificate.

Public register of licensed or certified private security operators

You can use the public register to check the progress of applications for licences and certificates.

Find out the stages applications go through

You can also check the public register to find out if a person or company is licensed or certified and to get details about their licence or certificate:

Public register of the private security operators(external link)

The information about licences or certificates includes:

  • the class of security work they cover
  • when they expire
  • if they have ever been suspended or cancelled
  • if they include any conditions
  • the licence or certificate number
  • any company addresses.

Register of applications

We list all applications for company or individual licences on the register of notices of intentions for one month before deciding whether to grant the application.

Members of the public can object to these applications if they do so within this month.

How to object to an application

Notices of intention register of applications(external link)

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