Manukau District Court

All jurors summoned for Jury Service for the week beginning Monday 5th December 2022 are required to attend by 8:45am. If your application to be deferred or excused has been declined and you wish to appeal this, you will need to make a verbal application to the Judge if you are balloted for a trial.

Please come to the Jury Assembly Area on the Ground Floor.

Thank you.


(RAINBOWS END, PAY and DISPLAY) is not available for juror use, during school holidays.

If you have not provided your bank details, please ensure you fill in the claim form on your last day providing your bank account for jury payment direct credit.

Thank you.


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The Ministry has measures in place for social distancing of 1m within the court building. Please ensure you follow all instructions and keep your distance. Please note the Ministry also is encouraging the wearing of facemasks, in the Jury Assembly Area and the Court room for empanelling and throughout the trial

COVID-19: Enhanced cleaning measures are in place in Courts. We recognise that COVID-19 may have impacted your ability to serve on a jury. For more information see

Your contribution to the New Zealand justice system and your community is valued and appreciated.

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