Apply for an eviction warrant

An eviction warrant allows a bailiff to evict anyone from the property and return possession (control of the property) to the creditor. You, or a person representing you (such as a property manager or solicitor), must be at the eviction.

You may arrange for a locksmith to be at the eviction. The locksmith can change the locks so that the house is secure. If you choose to do this, you must pay for it.

How to apply for an eviction warrant

You must file the application in 3 months from either the date the order is first breached or the date the tenancy ended. Attached to your application we require a sealed copy of your Tenancy Tribunal/Meditator's Order. Also if your eviction is conditional on the tenant breaching a payment arrangement, include a copy of the your rent schedule showing the breach.

Eviction warrant application form [PDF, 236 KB]

Sections D & E: apply for an attachment order or assessment of financial means

These can help you if you are owed money and the debtor was ordered to pay by the tenancy tribunal.

You can add the cost of the filing fee to the judgment amount that the debtor owes you.

If you want to apply for an attachment order or financial assessment for more than one tenant, you can attach their details on separate pieces of paper.

When filing the application:

Learn more about attachment orders

Learn more about assessment of financial means

What happens to the application?

The bailiff will:

  • contact you to arrange a time for the eviction
  • tell the tenants the date and time they must leave the property
  • return the property at the time arranged with you and complete the eviction.

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