Apply by mail

Find out how to apply by mail for a private security licence or certificate of approval.

It costs more and takes longer to apply by mail than it does to apply online.

To apply you need to:

  1. know whether you need a licence or a certificate
  2. fill in the form
  3. include a cheque for the fee
  4. give a suitable passport-style photo
  5. give details of your identification (ID)
  6. give proof of training and skills documents

Where to send

Postal address:
Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority

Forms & fees

You have to pay by cheque.

Application for:



Company licence

Each company officer must also complete their own form

Company licence form [PDF, 903 KB]

Company officer form [PDF, 611 KB]


Individual licence

Individual licence form [PDF, 611 KB]


Certificate of approval

Certificate of approval form [PDF, 556 KB]


Certificate of approval with temporary certificate

Certificate of approval form [PDF, 556 KB]


Trans-Tasman mutual recognition - Certificate of approval

Trans-Tasman mutual recognition form [PDF, 580 KB]


Trans-Tasman mutual recognition - Individual licence

Trans-Tasman mutual recognition form [PDF, 580 KB]


Contact us for help

If you're having trouble with your application you can contact us.

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