Australian registration in New Zealand

If you’re registered to work in private security in Australia you can apply to do the same work in New Zealand, under the trans-Tasman mutual recognition scheme.

You can’t begin work in New Zealand until your application is accepted and you get your identification badge.

How to apply

To apply you need to:

You also need to send us:

Where to send your application

You must send the form and other documents, with any supporting information, to:

Postal address:
Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority

Individual licence or certificate of approval – which to apply for

If you plan to work as

You will need

an employee

a certificate of approval (COA)

a sole trader

an individual licence

You can’t apply for a company licence under the scheme.

Temporary certificate of approval to work while training

You can work before you’ve done the training you need as a crowd controller, property guard or personal guard. To do this you need to apply for a temporary certificate.

Find out more about temporary certificates

Cost to apply

Type of licence/certificate


certificate of approval


certificate of approval with temporary certificate


individual licence


All application fees include GST.

How trans-Tasman applications are processed

We check that the class of work you are applying to do in New Zealand is close enough to the work you did in Australia.

We may set conditions on your licence or certificate. You must also follow any conditions on your Australian registration.

We may make enquiries about your Australian jurisdiction where you are registered.

Appealing our decision

If you are unhappy with our decision, you can get it reviewed by the Trans-Tasman Occupations Tribunal. The tribunal can review our decision to:

  • set conditions on you
  • postpone your registration
  • refuse your registration.

Trans-Tasman Occupations Tribunal

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