Final decision on family & civil fixed fees review published

10 March 2014

Final decisions on the review of the Family and Civil (ACC) legal aid payment systems were published today.

The aim of the review was to gather information on how fixed fees are working in practice and to identify any issues in the schedules.

The main changes announced today include the introduction of several new fees to close gaps in the schedules, and adjustments to fees for existing activities in the schedules. Other changes include an expansion of the disbursements policy and an increase in the number of pre-approved disbursements with greater clarity around when and how to apply for extra funding (Fixed Fees Plus).

Overall the changes aim to reduce the level of paperwork for lawyers and to ensure the payment systems reflect the work done by providers at each stage.

Feedback was received from both lawyers and legal representative bodies, including the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS), Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) and New Zealand Bar Association (NZBA).

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