The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODT)

This section includes information about the AODT Court, the participant referral process, how the AODT Legal Services team works together, and explains the role and responsibilities of an AODT lawyer.

The primary intention of the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment (AODT) Court is to reduce drug use and associated offending through an interagency approach, supervising the defendant and providing them with treatment programmes and life skills support. 

A video on how the AODT Court operates for the participant can be viewed on our Ministry website at:

AODT Court Resources

A Navigator tool for more information on the Interagency approach has also been created and can be viewed on our Ministry website at:

Court Navigator tool(external link)

Representation in the AODT Court

The AODT Court has a dedicated Legal Services Team scheduled on a fixed term roster.

A roster pool is held for each AODT Court, with submissions sought at fixed intervals from lawyers wanting to join the Legal Services Team.

Lawyers who are eligible to act in the AODT Court hold legal aid approvals as both Duty lawyer and hold a minimum criminal PAL1.

For more information on applications for approval, see:

Become a legal aid lawyer

Court rosters are prepared by Legal Aid Services and maintained by the AODTC Team Leaders in conjunction with Initial Criminal Legal Services (ICLS) Northern, Public Defence Service and Ministry of Justice courts staff.

AODT Court Legal Services operational policy

This policy describes the operation of the AODT Court in conjunction with the Duty Lawyer service and includes:

  • Appointment as an AODT lawyer           
  • Authority for the service            
  • The role of AODT defence lawyers        
  • Applications for criminal legal aid          
  • Rostering policy             
  • Attendance requirements          
  • Recording attendance  
  • Supervision of the AODT lawyer service
  • Payment
  • Travel time and mileage             
  • Removal from the AODT lawyer roster

AODT Operational policy
[PDF, 412 KB]

AODT Court training for rostered AODT Legal Services Team lawyers

The Practice and Procedure manual will be provided directly to the rostered AODT Court lawyers.

AODT Court resources for all defence lawyers

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