Justice Sector Long-Term Insights Briefing

What is a Long-term Insights Briefing?

Long-term Insights Briefings are a new government initiative requiring agencies to develop and share insights on the trends, risks and opportunities that affect, or may affect, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Under the Public Service Act 2020, chief executives of government departments are required to publish a briefing at least once every three years. However, the Long-term Insights Briefings are not government policy. The value of the briefings is the opportunity to identify and explore the issues that matter for the future wellbeing of the people of New Zealand.

For more information about the overall process, please visit the LTIB guidance webpage(external link).

The Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing

The topic for the first Justice Sector Briefing is Long-term insights about imprisonment and what these tell us about future risks and opportunities.

This topic was chosen by  the Justice Sector Leadership Board (made up of the leaders of the public sector justice agencies) and Ināia Tonu Nei(external link) (a name shared by a kaupapa, a hui, a report and a group of kaitiaki with a goal to reform the justice system).

You can find more information on the Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing in the Consultation Document (see link below).

Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing Consultation Document(external link)

The final Briefing will be presented to Parliament in 2022. It will be available publicly as a resource and evidence base to help improve our justice system.

Have your say

What do you see as the future risks and opportunities for our prison system?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our survey on the topic for the justice sector Long-term Insights Briefing, late last year.

We are now consulting on the draft of the Briefing. You can have your say below:

Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing online survey(external link)

The Briefing helps us think about the future and what will matter most for the long-term wellbeing of people in Aotearoa New Zealand. Your input is important to ensure we reflect the views of the community in the Briefing.

Consultation on the draft briefing document closes at 5pm on 7th October.

What you told us

Late last year, we undertook two surveys to understand New Zealanders’ views on the proposed focus areas for the Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing.

Public consultation on the focus areas for the Briefing closed on 30 November 2021. More than 1,500 New Zealanders took part.

Read the results of the Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing Survey [PDF, 821 KB]

Thank you to everyone who participated in these surveys, we appreciate your time and input. These survey results have helped inform the draft of the Briefing.