District Court Rules and District Court Act 2016

The District Court Rules 2014 and prescribed forms are under review for the required consequential amendments due to the replacement of the District Courts Act 1947 with the District Court Act 2016.

Until these amendments are made, the District Court Rules will still reference the 1947 Act. These references should be interpreted as references to the 2016 Act. Please see the table linked below to cross-reference the corresponding sections:

District Court Rules referencing DCA1947 [PDF, 297 KB]

Prescribed forms will also still reference the 1947 Act. However, under Rule 1.25(external link), amendments to the prescribed forms can be made if required.

For your convenience, we have created revised versions of the prescribed forms that have been updated to align with the District Court Act 2016.


10 - Order transferring proceeding to High Court [DOCX, 16 KB]

27 - Witness summons [DOCX, 17 KB]

35 - Certificate of judgment/order [DOCX, 15 KB]

45 - Agent’s authority to sign application [DOCX, 16 KB]

49 - Application for charging order without notice [DOCX, 24 KB]

55 - Notice of application for final charging order [DOCX, 24 KB]

64 - Warrant for recovery of land [DOCX, 17 KB]

85 - Writ of arrest [DOCX, 15 KB]

88 - Warrant of remand in default of bail being found [DOCX, 15 KB]

89 - Consent for summary hearing [DOCX, 14 KB]

107 - Summons for assaulting officer of court or rescuing goods [DOCX, 24 KB]

109 - Summons for extortion or misconduct [DOCX, 13 KB]

110 - Summons for neglect to levy enforcement [DOCX, 15 KB]

111 - Order for repayment of money extorted, or payment of money levied, and for damages, costs, and fine [DOCX, 25 KB]

High Court Rules

The following High Court form has been amended to match the Senior Courts Act 2016.

G25 - Subpoena [DOCX, 15 KB]