We're reviewing our payroll systems and processes

The Ministry is working to ensure that our payroll processes and systems are fully compliant with the Holidays Act and other related legislation.

The Ministry has become aware, along with a number of other government agencies, that our payroll systems and processes may have led to miscalculated pay entitlements for some people, under the Holidays Act.

What we’re doing

The Ministry is committed to paying all our employees (both current and former employees) what they are entitled to.

We’ve established a project team to assess the systems and processes we use to calculate holiday pay entitlements. Their initial investigation work is now complete. This has identified the areas where changes are required to have fully compliant processes and systems.

Current steps

Over the next 6 months to the end of 2017, we will be:

  1. identifying how we can achieve compliance with the Holidays Act 2003;
  2. making some changes to our current ways of working to improve our compliance with the Act; and
  3. identifying how we will calculate the payments due for errors made.

The Ministry will then work to implement fully compliant processes and systems. This is expected to take several months.

Once our processes and systems are compliant, we will then be able to accurately pay any outstanding entitlements to current and former employees.

We are continuing to work with the State Services Commission, Labour Inspectorate and unions.

How we’ll keep you informed

We are committed to communicating progress and updates using this website, and updating current employees via our intranet and regular emails.

How long will corrected pay go back?

Payments will be backdated to 1 April 2009.

If you’ve left recently or leaving soon

If you have recently left the Ministry, please email your latest personal contact details to Payroll so we can contact you if we find you have any additional holiday pay owing.

For employees who are leaving soon, you will get your holiday pay in the normal way – in the pay run immediately after you leave.

If we find you’re owed holiday pay, we will contact you to arrange getting this to you.

More information

This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses.

Please be assured the Ministry is committed to paying all our employees (both current and former) what they are entitled to.

Got a question? Email Holidays Act Project.

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